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art center as world citizen

art center as world citizen

2016.08.20(Sat) –2016.10.02(Sun)
TWS Hongo

Art has been always affected by its social backgrounds, while it has also been having a great influence on societies. It would not be too much to say that contemporary art arise from close relations between societies and era. Art centers which have been utilized as a platform for exhibitions, creative activities, researches and discussion: they used to be often called 'alternative spaces', being distinguished from museums or galleries until the 21st century. However, it has been becoming a greater existence than 'alternative', according to the situation where various projects, Biennials and diverse art activities are getting to be held in many different places.

Tokyo Wonder Site (TWS), while it is a public art organization, has actively taken a role as an art center, offering opportunities for novel creative expression. TWS has also been offering the residency program called 'Creator-in-Residence' for ten years since 2006, and it has sent Japanese creators abroad as well as accepted many international artists: such attempts were not ordinary when we started, and it was the work for us to construct infrastructure of the domestic art from the beginning. Nowadays international art centers provide multiple programs also in response to their societies' demands.

In the final phase of TWS Creator-in-Residence 2015-2016, this exhibition introduces roles of art centers in Japan, where the majority of art activities are conducted by public museums, and presenting histories, purposes and goals of international art centers comprehensively by exhibition panels. By sharing a wide range of attempts of worldwide art centers with people, we will be able to learn a lot for our futures.


OPEN SITE 2016-2017

2016.10.15(Sat) –2017.03.26(Sun)
Project A: Depends on each program / Project B: Free
Tokyo Wonder Site HONGO


While development of cross-genre and interdisciplinary creation has been accelerated, we need to reconsider the meaning of existing art genres. In this program TWS has developed our open call programs to open up opportunities to introduce innovative projects that explore unique expressions by expanding their roots of genres of arts such as music, fine arts, performance, dance and so on.

16 projects selected from more than 250 entries from home and abroad, besides 4 TWS recommendation programs will be presented in series for 6 months from October 2016.

Please click banners below for the details of each program!
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Project A
Time-based projects: Performance, Contemporary music, workshop, screening,play, dance etc.
Project B
Space-based projects: Exhibition, presentation of research projects, discussion platform etc.


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