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Open Call

2017.February.28 (Tue)

[OPEN SITE 2017-2018] Open call program waiting for your proposal!!

OPEN SITE is an open call program to accept multiangular activities in creative fields. With this program, Tokyo Wonder Site (TWS) will strive to be a new platform for future art that creators from all genres to interact. In its first year series, 16 projects were selected from more than 250 entries from home and abroad. Adding 4 TWS recommendation programs, in total of 20 unique projects have been exposured. In 2017, we also call for proposals which seek unprecedented expressions and face to a society from a new perspective.

We covet your plan strongly motivated to present new sensation by making free use of the space at TWS Hongo.

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2017.February.01 (Wed)

【Residency Program】 Open Call Information

Open Calls for the following programs will start in May, 2017(tentative).

- International Creator Residency Program 2018
- Research Residency Program 2018

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2016.May.16 (Mon)

【Residency Program】 Open Call for the Residency Programs 2017!!

Calling has been closed.
Successful candidates for residency programs 2017 ⇒Click here

【Announcement】Application for the Residency Programs 2017Inter2017_web.jpg

Thank you for applying for the International Creator Residency Program 2017 and the Research Residency Program 2017. Due to a great number of applications we received, there is a delay in issuing URL to upload data materials.
We are processing each application in the order it was received. We will reply to all applications by July 5. We ask you to please wait until then and to refrain from making inquiries by phone.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you and appreciate your understanding.


Tokyo Wonder Site (TWS) launched its residency programs in 2006, cooperating with art centers and cultural institutions all over the world.

We are now calling for the following two residency programs:

■ International Creator Residency Program 2017
■ Research Residency Program 2017

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2016.April.17 (Sun)

OPEN SITE!! New open call program is launched

OPEN SITE further develops TWS major open call programs Tokyo Experimental Festival and Emerging Artists Support Program. For over 10 years, each program has supported cross-genre experimental performances and those who aspire to plan and carry out exhibitions.

Calling has been closed. Thank you very much for your submission. Final result will be announced on TWS website, as well as informed to each applicants.


OPEN SITE opens the door to accept multiangular activities in creative fields. By this program, TWS will strive to make it to be a new platform for future art and to be a venue for creators from all genres to interact. Its primary theme, "OPEN SITE," represents its charge to work together with others to create a "site". Not only the planning of performance or exhibition, OPEN SITE also supports that of all: screening, lecture, workshop, symposium, presentation of research, etc. TWS expands the support to the successful candidates in this new program: subsidies, providing accommodation for residing overseas.

This program is classified into 2 categories based on the way of presentation: Project A and Project B. We covet your plan strongly motivated to present new sensation by making free use of the space at TWS Hongo.

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2015.December.02 (Wed)

The 9th Emerging Artists Support Program | Jury Member's Review

The 9th Emerging Artists Support Program (EASP9) has selected 3 proposals from 66 applications.
The successful proposals are "Route / 59 months" by Miki Momma, "Baron Yoshimoto: Pulse! Pulse! Pulse!" by E☆mily Yoshimoto, and "ASK THE SELF" by Kazuya Takagawa.

Here are reviews from Jury Members:


Mizuki Endo
Independent Curator / Executive Director of HAPS

There is something I'd like to tell all applicants, those whose projects are selected, and future applicants. Having been a jury member for various prizes and grants, I truly believe that judging is a sort of battle among jurors, as well as a reconciliation, rupture and contradiction.

"Judging" is a setting for clarification and friction between differences in values. In this setting, each jury member earnestly asserts his or her idea of "the art that is necessary in this era," attempts to defend that assertion, listens to different opinions, and thinks carefully about the applicants' plans--not only in terms of their content, but also in terms of their background, expansion and future development. But the result of the judging is not something absolute; it is a provisional conclusion in the process of one discussion. "What is the art that is needed in these times?" "What should an exhibition be like?" "What role should public cultural institutions play?" "What are the social responsibilities of artists?" "Is it possible to change the economics of creative work and exhibitions, participation and appreciation?" As long as these questions are not answered in the judging process, the judging result cannot be a final answer.

I hope the entrants will share this structure of persistent questioning, and the approach of making issues of things even when the answers are not forthcoming. It is unfortunate, I think, that many of the project applications have the conclusive nature of a single "answer." Just as the judging is provisional and fluid, I think the applications should also be provisional and fluid; and it should even be possible for them to celebrate a certain kind of openness and freedom. It is healthy to regard an "open call" as an organizer's attempt to spread a wide net so that people outside the system have an opportunity to change that system. By no means are we aiming to increase the organizer's authority, or to increase the number of artists who rely on that authority. I believe that, if people share this attitude, the open call program will get better and better. I am eagerly looking forward to the realization of the selected applicants' plans and the future development of this program.


Tadasu Takamine

Artist / Associate professor, Akita University of Art / Guest Professor, National Taipei University of Art

In the end only Japanese artists were selected, but when we think about the feasibility of the exhibitions from a budget standpoint, we realize that applicants from other countries would face higher hurdles because of the need to pay travel and living expenses. We would like to make this a topic for future consideration, and we hope the high-level overseas creators will apply their proposals again at another opportunity. Regarding the three selected works, we can say that there was a high level of urgency in terms of showing them "here and now." I felt the artists were also in a process of transformation; that there was a necessity to stop the present within the time transition between past and future, and that the artists were conscious of these things.


Akira Takayama

Director / Leader of the Theater Port B

"Art is an answer to reality." These are the words of the Polish director and artist Tadeusz Kantor. During the judging, these words kept coming back to me. The reason is that, considering the fact that this open call looks into plans for exhibitions, it seemed to me that we should ask how these exhibitions attempt to connect with reality. In terms of the results, the plans that were selected were not necessarily the ones that showed great skill or completeness or elegance; instead, they were the plans that needed to be shown in Tokyo now, the ones compelling enough to make one feel that they had to be carried out, that attempted to confront the world we live in. The assignment of the art exhibition was ahead, and there were many plans that attempted to offer clever solutions to that challenge; but I felt that plans of that kind had limited appeal, and what's more, that they failed to grasp the contemporary conditions for making or planning something for this era. I hope the selected proposals will be refined in the process towards realization, and polished further as a result of various types of friction.


Minori Kuroda
Director of Arts Program and Residency Division, Tokyo Wonder Site

This was the open call for the 9th Emerging Artists Support Program, and this time there were twice as many entries from Japan and overseas as last year. On one hand this shows that the open call has become well known; on the other hand, the fact that the quality of entered proposals was not proportionate to the number of entries suggested that the meaning and current situation of this open call is changing. This is why the selection process focused from start to finish on the question "What kind of project should be carried out here and now?" In other words, when a plan is selected, it does not mean its excellence has been certified; it means it has the power to present its worldview, or its original perspective on the world, and make an appeal to society, and that it somehow gave a presentiment of a power which could help lead us to things that are not normally assumed. I expect this presentiment to become a certainty at the exhibitions.

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2015.September.18 (Fri)

[Residency Program]Open Call for the International Creator Residency Program 2016!!

Please click to download

■Application Outline
■Application Package
■FAQ Here

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2015.June.19 (Fri)

[Residency Program]Open Call for the Research Residency Program 2016!


Please click to download
■Application Outline
■Application Package

■FAQ Here

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2015.May.15 (Fri)

[Announcement] Delay in the Selection Schedule for the International Creator Residency Program 2015 and the Research Residency Program 2015

Thank you for applying for the International Creator Residency Program 2015 and the Research Residency Program 2015.
Due to various reasons, we are sorry to inform you that there is a delay in announcing the selection results as below.

< Selection Schedule>
Selection stage: review with external juries at the end of May, 2015
*The final results will be announced only to the successful applicants at the beginning of June, 2015.
We will announce the final result on our website around the middle of June, 2015.
*We do not respond to any individual enquiries on the selection process and result.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you and appreciate your understanding.

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2015.April.14 (Tue)

OPEN CALL for The 9th Emerging Artists Support Program


【EASP2015】 Delay of the announcement for the first screening.
Thank you very much for applying the Emerging Artists Support Program 2015.
We are very sorry that the announcement of 1st screening result has been delayed and will inform each applicant by August 7 (Fri).

We apologize for the inconvenience but no enquiries regarding the result nor screening process are accpeted.
We appreciate your understanding.

EASP 2015


Established for the purpose of supporting and cultivating young talents aspiring to plan and execute art exhibitions, TWS is calling for art exhibition proposals for "The 9th Emerging Artist Support Program".

Since the term "Curation" begun to diffuse throughout nation, and its meaning has been diversified nowadays, how we can commit to a society and derive the relations in it through curating an exhibition?

TWS expects proposals from enthusiastic young curators / artists that re-examine and propound new approach toward framework of "exhibition" to realize.

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2015.February.28 (Sat)

TEF Vol.10 Open Call Program: Calling for Peformance & Sound Installation Proposals!

Application Closed.

Tokyo Wonder Site calls for performance/ sound installation exhibition proposals for upcoming TEF Vol.10 scheduled from November, 2015 to February, 2016.
TEF Open Call Program has introduced unique performances and sound installations from home and abroad selected by jury members from different backgrounds.
We expect challenging proposals that embody what means "creative experiments" in 2015!

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