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Message from the Director

Is not creativity what identifies us as human beings? To be alive means to engage in creative activity, and although we tend to think of them differently, even politics and economics are forms of creative work. In this framework, art is the most autonomous and primordial practice of all. A possible alternative expression for "creativity" would be "sensitivity." Our ability to grasp and enjoy things is our creative ability.
What place does art culture have in Tokyo, or in Japan? It seems art culture has always been categorized as a hobby or a pastime. However, once we see art culture for the "creativity" it is, it then becomes clear it is nothing less than the foundation that supports human activity. Metropolises are awhirl with various forms of creativity, and it would certainly be fair to say that creativity of all sorts is sprouting in Metropolitan Tokyo.
Although the world has become a much smaller place, there is still a lack of true dialogue. I believe Tokyo is the ideal place for such dialogue. In Asia, modernization means westernization, but in Tokyo a different type of modernization is taking place, in which the wisdom of East meets West. Tradition, future, and abundant living thrive in Tokyo. Here, people can encounter others and freely exchange their opinions. It is precisely such dialogue that stimulates creativity and carves new horizons.
It is our desire that Tokyo Wonder Site be a place in which people can continue dialogues while openly facing diverse individual worldviews and values.

Yusaku Imamura
Director, Tokyo Wonder Site